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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Studs "set" in gold with Tulip Bead in a Bottle

I am still playing around with the grown-up glitter glue called "Bead in a Bottle." Here I have set a pair of glass cats-eye cabochons in the gold bead in a bottle. It was easy, but there are a couple of tricks. First, you need to work on a surface that will release the finished piece easily. I found a plastic notebook cover worked well. Second, the bead in a bottle compound binds very tightly to glass, but not at all to plastic, so I had to use a glass cabochon. I assume a big glass rhinestone would also work. I pumped out an "egg shaped" bead, not round, that was about the same size as my cabochon, then I pressed the cabochon gently onto the bead in a bottle material while it was wet. I did the two together, so they would match exactly. Finally, I had to wait for the substance to dry for a long time, a full 24 hours. The simple studs I showed last week dried overnight.

After the cabochons in their "settings" were dry I used G-S Hypo Cement to glue them onto two blank metal studs from Fire Mountain. I will report how well this holds. If this works out, I have much bigger plans for elaborate pins and pendants using this same technology.

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