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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ay Caliente! Hot Pepper Earrings

I found a string of these glass hot peppers at a jewelry store on Maple St. in the heart of the market district in downtown L.A. (J.P. Fashion Accessories, 1140 Maple Ave, Los Angeles.) I put the peppers onto a 3-link chain I made from 20g gun metal finished copper wire, and fashioned the ear wires from the same wire.

The string of eighteen glass peppers cost $4.00. I also bought eighteen crystal bracelets for a dollar each (that was a sale price), and a jeweled watch/bracelet for $10.00. I bought the watch for our upcoming four days at Disneyland. I normally don't wear a watch, just use my phone, but when I am constantly checking the time so we don't miss a show, fireworks, a parade, or a Fastpass time window a watch is necessary.

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