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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cubic Zirconium Pave Bead Earrings

Vacation continues -- with more beautiful beads, presented simply. On vacation I have plenty of time to shop for lovely beads, but I am not at home with my jewelry workshop to hand. What I have is wire and 3 pairs of pliers.

Here I present two beads covered in super-sparkly cubic zirconia. The beads were expensive (for me) at $4.00 apiece.

I have used wrapped drops on these earrings. The wire is gunmetal finished copper wire from Artistic Wire. I like the slightly "steampunk" feel of the gunmetal finish and the spiral wire wrap. I think it suits the green color of the beads.

I am now back up to date on my earrings. I can keep up with making an earring a day, but finding a chance to photograph them, upload and edit the photos, and write the blogs is a bit more of a challenge.

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