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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Catch-up -- three earring designs

I have been pretty busy the past few days and haven't had a chance, until now, to download these pictures of my newest earrings.

First, I have a third pair designed around the Indian lamp work beads I bought at Michael's. For this pair I worked to design a special pair of ear wires that would complement the detail on the beads. I wasn't sure how the reverse curve would work, but I actually like the way these earrings hand in the ears.

The second pair celebrates father's day -- seahorse Dad's do all the hard work taking care of the baby sea horses. I bought the charms a few weeks ago in NYC, but I found by themselves they made boring earrings. I searched through my bead collection and pulled out these blue-green pressed glass beads because they worked well with the silver plate charms, and because they reminded me of tropical oceans.
And finally, I just love these fiery red lamp work beads I bought a couple of years ago. The bead holes are too big for headpins, but fortunately I found seed beads that perfectly matched the color of the beads. The seed beads are big enough to keep the beads on the headpins, but small enough to be nearly invisible when you are looking at the earrings. Sometimes it is the little things that you can't see that make a design work.

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