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Monday, May 28, 2012

Catch-up Day - Two Earring Designs that play with the ear wires

I didn't get a chance to blog on Sunday, so today is I will catch up with two earring designs. These two designs look different, but they are both examples of earrings that incorporate a hand made ear wire into the design.

The first design is a simple three bead drop. The design element that makes these a little difference, apart from the wonderful color combo of orange and blue, is the bead mounted on the ear wire. Commercial ear wires often have a metal bead, a wire coil, or both, decorating the shaft of the ear wire. When you make your own wires you can put a bead on the shaft instead. You can pick a bead that matches (as in this case) or coordinates with your earring drop. Using a bead will minimize the visual impact of the ear wire and give the illusion of a longer earring, which will in turn visually lengthen the neck.

The second design is a further development of the super easy super elegant earrings I posted two days ago. Here again I have hung beads on the ear wire itself -- in this case 5 freshwater pearls. These earrings are gently curved so that the pearl drop at the bottom hangs exactly below the ear.

Hope you like these designs and are inspired to play around with ear wires a little.

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