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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Art Deco style Pearl and Rock Crystal Earrings

An Art Deco inspired pair of pearl earrings.

These weren't so much inspired as discovered. I had seen a design in a book using a bead spacer in an earring, a different style of spacer, with brass chain, seed beads and no pearls - a completely different earring. But I had a pile of these spacers -- silver plated and set with a clear Swarovski crystal. They had been on clearance at Fire Mountain Gems about 2 years ago and I overindulged. So I went down and took them out, and some wire and some freshwater pearls, and started playing around and this is what I found.. I added the rock crystal bead for a bit of contrast, and voila. All I need now is a 1920s/1930s themed formal event. Oh, and a dress to go with.

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